Sanibel Adventure

One day back in May, I think it was, my friend Darby invited me out to go hiking on a nature trail with her on Sanibel. It was pretty cool and a fun way to spend the day. Once we got back we went fishing with her brother and another one of our friends. Im always glad I bring my camera along on these adventures.


Gone Fishin’

Back in May I had the day off of school and decided to go fishing with my good friend/coworker Chris. Fun bass fishing on some local lakes!

A Year Through My Eyes: From August to Last Tuesday (8/30/14-4/27/15)

(8/30/14-4/27/15)  For my senior year I had to put together a slideshow based on a theme and the work I had done in photography. I chose to just recap my year in photography from August to 3 days before the showing.  I feel these photos capture my style, love, and passion for photography as they should. Some you may have seen earlier, others you might see again one day in a future blog post. Just know that these were chosen as my favorite photos from the year. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed experiencing them. I’ll have to do this again one day soon.

Koreshan Trails

Another one of the nature trails I found myself hiking. So I’ve shown photos from Koreshan State Park before but not from the trail. On one of my outings to the park to photograph a client I found that there was a secluded 3 mile hike in this state park! Many many many people use Koreshan as a backdrop for their portrait photography, and here is this spectacular hike in the same area! I was amazed and went back the next day in better light to see where it led. Enjoy!

Bunch Beach

I went through a phase in January of 2015 where I just wanted to explore more. And thats exactly what I did. From different state parks to nature trails, I learned Florida’s beauty is way more than meets the eye. Florida has so many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. I still go on hikes, but this one month consisted of at least two a week to different locations. One evening I was trying to burn time before going over to a friends house so I went to a local beach called Bunch Beach. And I’m glad I did because what a surprise it was to find one of the coolest photographic experiences seemingly just waiting for me. A wild osprey dining on a sea trout. Totally a memorable experience. Here are the photos I took while at the beach!

Back to the Swamp

Now that I have finished high school and am on my summer break before college, I seem to have found myself with not only an abundance of time and photos, but a want to continue with my blog. My photos need a place to go. I realize that everyone goes through phases with blogging, from scheduled blogging to blogging ever so often, I know I have done this as well. My goal with this blog, from the beginning, was just to give my photos a place to go, which is something I feel I have not strayed from. Despite taking breaks from it one thing is always certain. I continue to take photos. So I hope I can continue to update my blog with those photos. This blog post contains photos from back in January of 2015. I found myself extremely into my local swamp sanctuary called the Six Mile Slough. I found myself visiting it at least once a week. I couldn’t believe my eyes, all the different species and types of animals and plants I saw. Just waiting for me to discover them. The following photos are just my take of a few of the walks I went on into the swamp. Enjoy.

Up in Smoke

I was hanging out with some of my friends about a month or so ago, and my friend blew the biggest cloud of smoke from a vape pen i had ever seen! I got the idea/desire to shoot it and get some cool photos. Thankfully I had just come back from a shoot and had my camera with me. The lighting setup for this was a bare speed light behind my subject, as a hair light, (at varying angles and heights) and a silver somewhat small reflector bouncing the light on to his face, as my main light. I was going for more shadowy silhouettes and I got some really cool results that I am stoked on. The last shot being my favorite. Enjoy!