Trevor Mace

Had a fun little morning shoot with Trevor Mace trying to get something cool for a magazine. Nothing has made it to print yet… Note: Magazines favor images depicting proper safety methods. I still like these images and had that in mind while shooting. Enjoy.

Texas 2014

Spent about a week and a half in texas during June of 2014. Tagged along with the Schwarz Family and had some fun wakeboarding and seeing some really cool sights.


Liquid Force Free For All: 2014

A collection of my photos from the Liquid Force Free for All event in the middle of April 2014. Actually 1 year prior to this is where my photography career got its start. A bunch of these made it to print. Enjoy!

Wake Games 2014

April 2014 I went up to Orlando with two friends to photograph a boat contest for wakeboarding called the Natique Wake Games 2014. A few of these photos made it to print. Enjoy.

Red Bull Wake Open: 2013

Finally getting catching up on blog posts. I am publishing everything ive been meaning to, and then will resume with regular updates and details.

This post is dedicated to the Red Bull: Wake Open event back in 2013 this was my first big event that I shot and got a few of these shots published later on. It was so fun watching all the pro wakeboarders crush the course. Enjoy.

Kellen Hall

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Pro Kiteboarder Kellen Hall for a photo shoot. For this shoot we ended up at Revolution Cable Park, as there was no wind for kiting, and managed to snag a few good shots. Enjoy.

IMG_9326 IMG_9404 copy IMG_9330 IMG_9438 IMG_9415 IMG_9396 copy IMG_9434 copy IMG_9439 IMG_9322 IMG_9321 IMG_9334


In July, a group of 3 friends and I traveled the two hour road to Ski Rixen USA in Deerfield Beach Florida. The following are some of the shots I took while at the park. Enjoy.

IMG_1925 copy IMG_1082 copy IMG_1060 IMG_1806 copy IMG_1134 copy IMG_1858 IMG_1874 copy IMG_1837 copy IMG_1155 IMG_1899 copy IMG_1988 copy IMG_1845 IMG_1700 copy IMG_1721 IMG_1797 copy IMG_1590 copy IMG_1233 IMG_1218 copy IMG_1173 IMG_1164-2 copy IMG_1163-2 copy IMG_1141


Recently I have upgraded my camera bag to include a wireless off camera flash. I have really been enjoying using it and am looking forward to seeing where it takes my photography. Enjoy some of the shots from the first two uses with it. Camera: Canon T4i Flash: Canon Speedlite 320 Ex IMG_7766 copy IMG_7607 IMG_7753 copy IMG_7744 IMG_7606 IMG_7623 copy IMG_7621

Nameless Faces

Most of the time my photography revolves around shooting wakeboarding and wakeskating at Revolution Cable Park. I love shooting action sports of any kind and love the people I meet through not only shooting photos, but riding there. Shot from September through October



IMG_3321 IMG_3489 IMG_2891Image

ImageImageImageImageIMG_2881 copy IMG_2839 copy IMG_2959 copyIMG_2973 copy IMG_2795 IMG_3073 IMG_3045 copy IMG_3314 IMG_3072 IMG_2900 copy IMG_3248 IMG_3306 copyIMG_3443 copy IMG_3314