Street Photography: Capture the Life of Your City

I recently took an online photography course on Street Photography. The course ended with asking us to do an assignment, shooting four types of photos. The Street Portrait, the Look Up, Motion Blur, and a Night Shot. Here are my photos and essay that went along with it.

(This was my assignment cover)


“I am extremly passionate about photography and really love learning new things. This was my first attempt at street photography. Although I had┬ámany difficulties, I enjoyed my time doing it and could see myself shooting street photography more often! This was a great opportunity to try something new! I want to thank Trash for giving a great and informative class. Here are my photos

I live in the quaint town of Fort Myers, located on the southwest coast of Florida. The downtown area is extremly modest, yet gave me a good experience with this assignment. Any comments would be much appreciated!

Street Portrait:

As soon as I saw this spot I knew I wanted to capture my street portrait here. I loved the way the pathway disappears into the center of the photo. I actually waited about 20 minutes for someone to walk down towards me. This man happened to be a great subject. He was so engrossed in some sight that he almost walked right into me!


Look up: Downtown Fort Myers doesn’t have many tall buildings. They also are pretty spread out. I have always loved the old cinema looking sign downtown and knew this would be perfect for my lookup. In my edit I wanted to give it a grunge esque feel and am thrilled with the way it came out.


Motion: I tried shooting pedestrians passing, and cyclists, but my eye kept being drawn to the Trolley. I love the vibe it has! It passed by a few times so this was, I think, my second attempt at shooting it.


Night Shot: Besides this photo, all the others of this series were taken on 1/28/15. I took this a few months ago of downtown from over a bridge. I really love the vibe of it, and the ambient light that the city gives off. I really like the night landscapes.