Went to Hawaii in july and oh man it was the trip of a lifetime. I can not believe the stellar photos that came out of it. Not only was it an awesome family trip but everything was super photogenic! Enjoy

In The Night

There are few styles of photography that I truly love doing, night being one of them. I love being out as the sun is going down and knowing that the true beauty of the world is about come out. On this particular evening I had noticed a spider web and wanted to capture it during the dark of night. I ended up snagging one of my all time favorite shots this night. These photos were taken on a stormy evening in Florida with a Canon T4i. I had my camera set to a long exposure time from 13 seconds to 20 seconds and had my F.Stop at 4.5. When shooting the Spider web, to illuminate it, I used a flashlight to trace the web and a short burst of flash in the beginning of the shot. I think I was shooting the web for over an hour before I got the shot I wanted. I love the way the splash of the rain droplets looks on my lens and the color of the sky during the storm. Enjoy. #flexdoutfilms

ImageShutter Speed: 13 Seconds   //  Aperture: F.4.5ImageShutter Speed: 13 Seconds   //   Aperture: F.4.5ImageShutter Speed: 15 Seconds  //    Aperture: F.4.5ImageExposure Length: 20 Seconds   //  Aperture: F.4.5