Sanibel Adventure

One day back in May, I think it was, my friend Darby invited me out to go hiking on a nature trail with her on Sanibel. It was pretty cool and a fun way to spend the day. Once we got back we went fishing with her brother and another one of our friends. Im always glad I bring my camera along on these adventures.

Bunch Beach

I went through a phase in January of 2015 where I just wanted to explore more. And thats exactly what I did. From different state parks to nature trails, I learned Florida’s beauty is way more than meets the eye. Florida has so many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. I still go on hikes, but this one month consisted of at least two a week to different locations. One evening I was trying to burn time before going over to a friends house so I went to a local beach called Bunch Beach. And I’m glad I did because what a surprise it was to find one of the coolest photographic experiences seemingly just waiting for me. A wild osprey dining on a sea trout. Totally a memorable experience. Here are the photos I took while at the beach!

Back to the Swamp

Now that I have finished high school and am on my summer break before college, I seem to have found myself with not only an abundance of time and photos, but a want to continue with my blog. My photos need a place to go. I realize that everyone goes through phases with blogging, from scheduled blogging to blogging ever so often, I know I have done this as well. My goal with this blog, from the beginning, was just to give my photos a place to go, which is something I feel I have not strayed from. Despite taking breaks from it one thing is always certain. I continue to take photos. So I hope I can continue to update my blog with those photos. This blog post contains photos from back in January of 2015. I found myself extremely into my local swamp sanctuary called the Six Mile Slough. I found myself visiting it at least once a week. I couldn’t believe my eyes, all the different species and types of animals and plants I saw. Just waiting for me to discover them. The following photos are just my take of a few of the walks I went on into the swamp. Enjoy.

Before the Bridge

One day, on the way home from a portrait session last month, I happened to glance out my car window and see this magical place on the side of the road. Definitely a hidden gem. The next day, I went back, pulled over and took out my camera, and explored. I really want to do a portrait session here during golden hour. One day, hopefully one day soon. Anyway yeah, enjoy the photos, I hope you see it like I do. Enjoy

Sanibel Light

I was on location for a shoot for a client and she was late. Too bad for her because she missed the best light of the day! I couldn’t help myself and just had to shoot around the area. Truly beautiful.

Tampa Aquarium

Took a trip up to the Tampa Aquarium towards the end of last year. Fun shooting some animals you don’t typically see. Toughest part was shooting through the glass. Still a great time with the family.


Went to Hawaii in july and oh man it was the trip of a lifetime. I can not believe the stellar photos that came out of it. Not only was it an awesome family trip but everything was super photogenic! Enjoy

Texas 2014

Spent about a week and a half in texas during June of 2014. Tagged along with the Schwarz Family and had some fun wakeboarding and seeing some really cool sights.


Naples Zoo Trip 2014

My trip to the Naples zoo in june of 2014. I was testing some new camera equipment and got some really cool photos!