Hi. My name is Maxx Evan. I am currently 18 and a freshman at the University of Miami. A while back I created my own “brand” to give my photography and videography direction under a name. Flexd Out Films is where that went. I find myself, more and more, drawn to photography and videography due to the creative aspects of each. In recent years I have set apart my photography from just a hobby, and have begun to see where it could take me. I am extremely passionate about it and strive to create the best quality work that I can. It’s almost an obsession that I have with getting the perfect shot! I put my all into my photography because I love it. The feeling I get when behind the lens is indescribable. I shoot for myself. I shoot for me. Right now, its impossible for me to imagine where my life would be if I had not discovered my passion. As I continue to grow and progress, I find myself shooting new things, broadening my perspective, and becoming a multi-faceted artist. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities that both photography and videography have presented me with.  I hope you enjoy my work.

-Maxx Evan


For Serious Inquiries or for my Resume contact me at: flexdoutfilms@gmail.com

Flexd Out Films: About Us

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The photos you see are not to be used or reproduced without my permission. Doing so will result in lawful action. Thanks for understanding. Maxx.

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