Recentish: Photos Without Homes Pt. 2

This August, I started my freshman year at the University of Miami. To be honest I am feeling overwhelmed at everything going on around me. From clubs, to new friends, to everything else I find myself with very little free time for myself. Because of that I have not been shooting as much but the ideas have been flowing. Every time I have been behind the lens since, I feel my shooting has been more deliberate and I am able to capture more what I want. Im not saying this is a good thing though. I totally miss shooting as much as I did in high school, from the models, to the landscapes, and to the sports. I freaking love it though, the school, the area, everything. I will get back into it soon, as I still have a freaking huge drive to continue photography. I need more interesting subjects over in Miami and to switch it up and just shoot without worrying about direction. There is plenty there waiting for me, I just have to find it. The following are some of my favorite shots that I did take during the semester.





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