Back to the Swamp

Now that I have finished high school and am on my summer break before college, I seem to have found myself with not only an abundance of time and photos, but a want to continue with my blog. My photos need a place to go. I realize that everyone goes through phases with blogging, from scheduled blogging to blogging ever so often, I know I have done this as well. My goal with this blog, from the beginning, was just to give my photos a place to go, which is something I feel I have not strayed from. Despite taking breaks from it one thing is always certain. I continue to take photos. So I hope I can continue to update my blog with those photos. This blog post contains photos from back in January of 2015. I found myself extremely into my local swamp sanctuary called the Six Mile Slough. I found myself visiting it at least once a week. I couldn’t believe my eyes, all the different species and types of animals and plants I saw. Just waiting for me to discover them. The following photos are just my take of a few of the walks I went on into the swamp. Enjoy.

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