This is where Im really going to start using my blog for what I meant it for. The following are some of my favorite photos from the senior casuals I did. I am going to explain my methods and what not, and dive into what my thinking was for each shoot.

My very first shoot for a client. Going into it I was extremely nervous. I was afraid that every decent photograph I had taken prior was a fluke. But luckily this amazing girl helped me. She was extremely easy to work with and loved the results. I went into this first shoot trying to be as creative as I could. I did a ton of research into posing and what works best in portraits, but my best advice is to just try everything. Do not be afraid to create a bad image because it is still better than not creating one at all. With all of these shoots that I have done, I think that with my time behind the camera I have gained a sort of comfort, I change my settings so frequently to adjust for light. I just go with the flow and luckily I guess I know what I am doing haha.

This shoot occurred on a very overcast day so the light wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t great. I loved how these two senior casual sessions could come out so different, influenced by the environment around them.


Although not in High School, Kim had just recently gotten a new puppy and wanted me to take some photos of the two of them together. I’m just going to say now that pet photography is a struggle. With an unruly animal, it can be difficult to get a decent photo. In the end I had Kim hold her puppy to keep it still. These were some of my favorites.

With each of these sessions I felt that I was getting better and more confident in producing good quality work. I shoot manual and feel that all the time I have spent behind the camera helps me to recognize lighting. I still have a ways to go but enjoy the rest of these sessions.