In July, a group of 3 friends and I traveled the two hour road to Ski Rixen USA in Deerfield Beach Florida. The following are some of the shots I took while at the park. Enjoy.

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Recently I have upgraded my camera bag to include a wireless off camera flash. I have really been enjoying using it and am looking forward to seeing where it takes my photography. Enjoy some of the shots from the first two uses with it. Camera: Canon T4i Flash: Canon Speedlite 320 Ex IMG_7766 copy IMG_7607 IMG_7753 copy IMG_7744 IMG_7606 IMG_7623 copy IMG_7621

Nameless Faces

Most of the time my photography revolves around shooting wakeboarding and wakeskating at Revolution Cable Park. I love shooting action sports of any kind and love the people I meet through not only shooting photos, but riding there. Shot from September through October



IMG_3321 IMG_3489 IMG_2891Image

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The Slough

Recently on a school trip for my Ap Environmental Science course, I participated in a nature walk in a nearby slough. I was not expecting too much on the photography side of things but decided last minute to bring my GoPro. I am glad I did because I snagged two or three gems from the trip. Enjoy. // Shot with a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition


In The Night

There are few styles of photography that I truly love doing, night being one of them. I love being out as the sun is going down and knowing that the true beauty of the world is about come out. On this particular evening I had noticed a spider web and wanted to capture it during the dark of night. I ended up snagging one of my all time favorite shots this night. These photos were taken on a stormy evening in Florida with a Canon T4i. I had my camera set to a long exposure time from 13 seconds to 20 seconds and had my F.Stop at 4.5. When shooting the Spider web, to illuminate it, I used a flashlight to trace the web and a short burst of flash in the beginning of the shot. I think I was shooting the web for over an hour before I got the shot I wanted. I love the way the splash of the rain droplets looks on my lens and the color of the sky during the storm. Enjoy. #flexdoutfilms

ImageShutter Speed: 13 Seconds   //  Aperture: F.4.5ImageShutter Speed: 13 Seconds   //   Aperture: F.4.5ImageShutter Speed: 15 Seconds  //    Aperture: F.4.5ImageExposure Length: 20 Seconds   //  Aperture: F.4.5